‘Why’ Connect with your Community and Locals

I frequently discuss about relationships as one of the most vital contributors to your health and happiness. And it’s just not about close relationships – it’s about your community, the number of social contacts you have in your every-day life (including your grocery store owner and your neighbor across the street) that are directly associated with your well-being.


You may be an introvert, happily nodding at your dog, or spending long stretches of time without interacting with anyone (even your husband); but it is in your best interest when I suggest that you need to override such tendencies and get going to what is known as being ‘socially oriented’.


Take for instance someone stepping into a new neighborhood. S/he may be desirous of achieving a clear perception and understanding of the surroundings, amenities and civic facilities along with an idea about the cultural and social opportunities from the immediate communities.


So where or who does one turn to find these answers?


Obviously the keyword to happier living and co-operative existence is “Connectivity”!


It certainly helps to look around for your ‘friends nearby’ or ‘amiable neighbors’ who are ready to go out of the way in wee hours to help find you a doctor, or take care of your kids in-case of an medical emergency. As you break the ice and interact more, you come across people who are willing to go out of their way to give relevant and trustworthy information to make your life more secure and hassle free.


It’s actually very easy to make and enjoy social connections and garner help from the same for facing common challenges as parents, colleagues, friends and neighbors.


Hey, Where do I find Good Laundry Services?


With loads of soiled garments stacked up after a weekend holiday, you could give away anything to get across to a guy who could wash and iron, as you took care of the other chores.


Whether it’s about discussing issues connected with rent or buy decisions or discovering valuable advantages that make work and home life easier, connecting with locals in your community and neighborhood also goes a long way in finding helpful answers and suggestions to real life problems such as your kid’s admission in a good playschool, becoming part of a convenient car pool or getting a wireless connection for your three bedroom apartment.


Mother! My friend is also taking Golf Coaching at the same Club as me…


People, at all stages of life value social, traditional, recreational and cultural activities. What would you do upon finding a club of likeminded golf or bridge players in the proximate neighborhood? Well, just say ‘hello’ and join the gang to enjoy hours of unlimited fun after a long day at work.


Finding people with common hobbies, sports likings and other interests in the neighborhood can definitely make life more worthwhile. Connecting to the right people also works wonders in organizing social events, picnics, entertaining gatherings and celebrating festivals and holidays together.


Living in a society or within a community is all about interacting with those around you and developing an extended family structure to last a lifetime.


So do shed the shell and try to reach out to as many people as possible!

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