Who Killed India’s Growth Machine?

A poem by Mr. Nadir Godrej, Advisory Board Member – LocalCircles 


Our economy was very bright

And everything was going right.

Why double digits were in sight

But suddenly we had a blight.

Now five percent seems like a stretch.

The hero has become a wretch.

Indeed there are suspects galore

And I don’t think we can be sure

Who did it but we can guess

What the origin is of this mess.

The usual suspects should be there

Bad governance has its share.

The CAG claimed that he could see

Some scams in coal and in 2G

And whether you agree or disagree

These sectors slowed quite visibly.


High taxes act like a noose

And often kill the golden goose.

Now golden geese of course are rare

But every goose has its share

Of feathers that might well be plucked

If the goose has not ducked.

Colbert while governing his nation

Observed the art of good taxation

Was plucking the goose with minimal fuss.

In the previous budget we missed this bus.

Pursuing GAAR was such a bar.

In snubbing the court we went to far.

If Vodafone and Shell are extorted

Then investors can’t be exhorted

To invest in a country that’s fickle.

How do we get out of this pickle?

This isn’t something we can afford

We badly need funds from abroad.

Chidambaram’s aware of this effect

And he’s been more circumspect

But all the same the market fell

When accountants couldn’t tell

What the fine print really meant.

Would IT sleuths then be sent

To Mauritius for investigation

Of Residency Certification?

No one  proved to be proficient

At figuring, “Necessary but not sufficient”.

The clarification was very fast

But can one conclude the danger’s past?


Why are we always trying to truss

The goose? This merely causes fuss.

For geese must be allowed to grow

In order that the feathers flow.

With all this fuss we fear one day

The Geese may all just fly away.

Some think by far the biggest hits

Would be our dual deficits.

The current account is pretty bad

And yet I feel somewhat glad

That the size of the deficit

Would be a nearly perfect fit

With our immense imports of gold,

Which isn’t consumed and could be sold

If of course the need arises.

Let’s not be hung up on mere sizes

But see the composition too.

The deficit is also due

To capital goods which we need

And which will certainly help to feed

New exports and our future growth.

But S&P and Moody’s both

Will surely move to a down grade

If powerful moves aren’t quickly made

To encourage capital flows

Alas! That’s the way it goes.


The fiscal deficit is big

And yet we shouldn’t give a fig

If the GDP is growing faster

An identity we should master-

If the product of debt over GDP

And nominal growth, you see,

Is greater than the deficit

The economy will still be fit.

For debt to deficit will fall

And that’s the number that we all

Should be tracking. Is it high?

It’s seventy and we’ll get by.

And what is more it will fall

Unless we make the economy stall.

Of course it’s always worthwhile ending

What’s obviously wasteful spending.

And subsidies clearly count

Over the years the cost will mount.

And fossil fuels should be taxed

Those subsidies must be axed.

I think it’s safe to presume

That if we excessively consume

Liquid fuels the global price will rise.

These subsidies aren’t green or wise.

But the major reason that we ought

To stop subsidies is that they distort

The market and are inefficient.

Cash transfers are much more efficient.

The way forward we’ll clearly see

When every Indian has an ID.

And everyone should be on board

This is something we can afford.


Let’s bear in mind inclusive growth

Is good for rich and poor both.

To get ourselves out of this slump

We really need to prime the pump.

There is no real paucity

We can afford generosity.

And everything the poor spend

Helps us all in the end

And thanks to the multiplier

The economy goes even higher.

The poor can get back on the tracks

With a negative income tax.

Some advantages this scheme can boast-

The very poor get the most,

Cash reaches where it is desired

And no more than is required.

And why I think this scheme is fine

Is that in time costs will decline.

As incomes rise less is paid.

And in good time all those we aid

Will in turn pay their tax

As they get back on the tracks.


In spite of all the heavy debt

I feel the government should bet

On future growth to bridge the gap.

We should ignore the alleged debt trap.

For India another cause of gloom

Was the global commodity boom.

Why have the prices been increasing?

Some blame the quantitative easing

Or China’s steadily rising might

And its unrelenting appetite.

For India this is a cause of pain.

The reason why I will explain.

Many commodities we must import

And last year we did more than we ought.

Supreme Court problems led to more

Imports of coal and iron ore.

This makes the current account deficit

Increase by more than just a bit.

And the commodity price escalation

Then feeds into our high inflation.


Enter stage left the RBI

Concluding demand is far too high

It merrily raises interest rates.

As expected growth abates

The stock market tumbles down,

Foreign investors start to frown,

Then capital inflows begin to stall

And the Rupee goes into free fall

Reigniting the inflation.

Such is the plight of our nation.

But the commodity boom will soon end

And the Indian economy will then mend.

The metals saw an early fall

And gold has now ceased to enthral

For gold to rise all must buy

The fact it’s rising makes it fly

But when smart money does withdraw

Collectively we see the flaw.

Bad weather kept the Ags quite high

But now there’s a reason why

The rise has begun to stall

And soon we will see a fall.

A bumper crop is in the making

And prices are on the verge of breaking.

Thanks to the benefits of fracking

The price of gas has started cracking

But oil somehow is still up there

Though I think the chance is fair

That oil will soon begin to tumble

Even if it doesn’t crumble.

I think we should understand

That we need this helping hand.

The CAD will naturally decline

And help the Rupee to do fine.

With Rupee strong and prices low

Inflation is then bound to slow.

Don’t you think it would be great

If the RBI chose not to wait

And reduced the interest rate

Now and not wait till it’s too late.

Now in a good Agatha Christie

The beginning is always misty

But the dénouement is always clear

But this whodunit is I fear

Somewhat like the Orient Express

Where as usual one has to guess

But the culprit is not one but all

Our case, I think, also does fall

In that unusual category.

In the Orient Express you see

All the suspects plunged the knife,

A gory end to the victim’s life.

So too in the case of the growth machine

By careful deduction it is seen

That in this period of great strife

Many culprits plunged the knife.

The global economy’s sideways slithering

The government’s bungling and blithering.

The RBI’s quite rigid stance

The rating agencies looking askance.

The frightening commodity boom

The pervasive sense of gloom and doom.

Will we continue down the slippery slope.

Can we grab onto a glimmer of hope?

The FM did his little bit.

Will the RBI now rise or sit?

Will the global economy mend

Or the commodity boom end?

To revive our Indian growth

We need at least one if not both.

We know there’s many a cause

But whatever the reason for the pause

We shouldn’t sit still and merely wait

We can’t depend on the economy’s fate.

We can always make a bid

For the bottom of the pyramid.

Opportunity can be seen

In making our planet green.

With prices of commodities high

All of us should certainly try

To produce much more here

We should invest without fear.

The economy may seem quite dark

But all we need is a spark.

If we collectively do strive

The economy will revive.

(Previously published in Business Standard, March 8, 2013)

60 comments on “Who Killed India’s Growth Machine?

  1. Khareshiv on said:

    Your suggestion to AAM Admi are good. If they follow. I am sure ,will benefit .Ifeel somnath is doing this foul speaking deribarately ,has an agenda ?

  2. Ritesh Kumar Yadav on said:

    Yes private company is not audited properly they can manage auditor easily that is why our salary is not revised last 5 years and not given provident fund.

  3. Vivek Kumar on said:

    Expenditure of government increased many fold on MNREGA, NREGA etc. This has brought touts and middle men who are gobbling the public money. In my village 95% people are under this scheme. Also, these schemes have made the villagers very lazy and non-productive. Identify the actual beneficiaries. Also, make single window system for investment and all clearances pertaining to the same. Bring police reforms. In my Muzaffarpur, Bihar home district criminals are very active. When a business man reaches there with some investment plan, criminals demand their share first. These activities frustrates them and they turn towards better governed states.
    A special combing operation should be started to eliminate naxlites. In Bihar no Chakbandi has been successful. Pressurise the state govt. to bring land reforms and chakbandi to make the land benificial for cultivation. Most of the land of single person are scattered and cultivation is not beneficial. Please don not introduce contract labor system in teachers. If you hire teachers please regularise them after 3 years. It is weakening our education system. Because most of teachers are constrained to do side business to maintain their family.

    • umesh patil on said:

      I think MNREGA and NREGA scheme is nice but middle men not conduct his role accurately. People who work in this schemes are really lazy and only fill the attendance and get money , so corruption is raised and workers who get money without doing any work or less work and middle officers give less money to him. So if the government run scheme like in one village any work which is doing,open a tender and the only villagers fill this tender( no out side worker will allowed) and after completion of work, The grampanchayat give the cheques to him, then all work will complete satisfactorily and all money received to workers also. no middlemen in this process, so corruption is down, if any corruption in grampanchayat level then public ask question to the grampanchayat memebrs and all necessary work( at present most of work is not necessary, it do only for government pressure ) will done by the villager for the village.

      • Chandra Shekhar Ghatge on said:

        Rightly, these two scheme are not beneficial for the villagers but only middle men are enjoying the benefit of the scheme. There is need to change the whole process of these schemes. Thousands of Crores are invested in these schemes but no result. So govt. may take necessary steps for the proper utilization of the fund.

        • JP Yadavendra on said:

          The views expressed above are quite relevant. The MNREGA is also detrimental in the growth of agriculture because the people who works in agricultural fields prefer to go for MNREGA site for the reasons well understood by everybody. There needs to be a fool proof system to avoid corruption.

        • KASIBHATLA RAGHURAM on said:


    • maryanto simon on said:

      what you have said is quite true……..well we have to thank Rajendra Pratap Gupta for his keen sensation on how improve our country by getting views from our fellow citizens.

  4. Yatik Jani on said:

    Respected Mr. Modi Sir,

    I am Yatik Jani from Ahmedabad.

    The quation is raise on correct time.
    I am in dubai since last sep. I have seen that many of population in dubai is indians and they all follow the traffic rules even in midnight. People have fear to pay heavy fine if they break the traffic rules. In dubai there are no traffic police.
    It is juat a one example.

    If indians are follow the rules in other countries, then why not in own country? Today situation is all public with mr. Modi, so you must convence them. People should wakup if not government sholud throw a backet of water.

    I want to see india as leading country of world.

  5. Ramappa R on said:

    Dear Sri. Modi ji., The people in India are very respect to you and lots of hope for development like other countries. We think you will change the systems like democracy, corruption, economy, sexual abuse etc.. I believe that, we should involve good & dedicated Non-Governmental Organizations in all developmental programs, it could be an ideal and effective implementation of any type of programmes.

    • Vijaya Shanbhag on said:

      Rajendra Pratap JI we should have face to face meetings and debates on these issues once in 3 months and involve all padadhikaris of BJP to govern in their respective areas for proper implementation… Jai Hind Thanks Vijaya

  6. Sathish on said:

    Dear Sri. Narendra Modi Ji, Who Killed India’s Growth Machine? the killer are govt employees, and politician, these are not allowing to do the quality of work, Both person’s are expecting more money on total bill of value, we need to spend money 35% of total bill, Govt Engineers are not doing proper work, Govt Emploeeys are getting more and more money they having black money,

    • Subba Bangera on said:

      The progress in any country depends on relationship between Society, government and investors.
      During Nehru era government worked for society. Government got involved in all business and there was less business growth of industrial activities.
      During seventies government supported few business houses and forgot society. From beginning of 20th century society , government and industry moved together and we saw fastest growth.
      During last 5 years government neglected the people and colluded with industry and many antisocial elements and dealt with cash for growth.

  7. Sathish on said:

    If they are flowing Gvot Rules all the public will be come little bit normal, as well as public also has to support to Gvot for non corruption working Etc., Gvot Employee’s are not supporting to public they are taking more time do the work,.

  8. D. Srinivasan on said:

    Law makers and Law enforcement authorities must obey the rules at first. They must set an example to the public. Politicians,Government Officials, Police are the examples for violators. Policemen not in duty never respect traffic signals and one way rules. Similarly, revenue officials, officials from justice department also flout rules in public places. They jump the queues wherever there is a queue, beit a place of worship, grocery store, cash counters at departmental stores and thus never respect public sentiments. There must be an Orientation course for all law enforcing authorities and law makers.


    who could have killed India’s growth other than the corrupt politicians, govt officials and above all easy-taking and easy-forgetting public ?

  10. Rajendra kumar Tiwari on said:

    Our growth was killed ill formed laws supposedly to help and empower our women but in practice are being grossly misused by bad women.Many Indians are suffering on this count and dishonest widows who hold lucrative post in NCW are reaping the personal benefits out of it.The families are engaged in court cases and the growth is going down.Large number of men are forced to commit suicide and old men/women and young boys are suffering due to it and languishing in jails.We must be very careful about giving the family posts to the gentle women who can run their own family and not the ones who are busy breaking families.Last many decades this process has hampered the progress of the nation and a lot of NGOs funded by foreign agencies are engaged in their dirty business of breaking the families instead of empowering them in the real sense.Such NGOs are engaging in misinformation and want Indian values to be destroyed.Please pay attention to this area which is most problematic for the growth and progress of India.

  11. Rajendra Koppikar on said:

    One of the culprit stalling India’s growth is lack of education matching changing times and requirements of industry, irrespective of sector. Educational institutes and committees designing curricula need paradigm shift to work for the cause of India’s growth.
    In spite of presence of industry representatives in both above, hardly is there any visible sense of ownership towards responsibility of “Why Indians have to value education in foreign countries ?”. Global industries are eying HINDUSTHAN as convenient destination for their growth and we Indians are taking pride to go out of the same country for education. They are not at fault ! Ph.D.s are available at a price (if you have money to buy it). Is our youth UNEMPLOYABLE ? Why ? Are we not not responsible for this condition ? Huge human wealth in this country is being taught wrong paths to rise. Need collaborative effort. Industries+Education System+Individuals. Interaction with students and college teaching staff shows pitiable level of concern towards change required in system of education – Vocational Skills Sets Acquisition.

  12. gopal sahu on said:

    The Indian people depend on their leader/ politicians for they will do something for them. Everybody to be wakeup for them self. So I think, the thinking of people Killed India’s Growth.

  13. Major K.Narasimhan on said:

    Sir, The Law of the Land should prevail upon every one.
    The Law enforcing agencies must be honest. Guilty should be punished. The Law is above every one should be instilled in every ones mind. We will march fast before the world as an example.. Narasimhan

  14. col ms alam on said:

    dear sir
    accountibility aspects has to be fixed at each and every level. govt has to establish a good administration of rewards and punishments.if ministers are accountable so the officials of the ministry.during deep crisis ministers resign but not the officials invovled.

  15. Rajneesh on said:

    Respected Modi ji ….The most important reason for the Growth kill or slowing of India Growth is Dependency of indian economy & other systems on Foreign nations like for ex. Consider rising international crude oil prices increasing inflation in our country…the reason is that 75% crude oil utilized in our country comes from imports from other countries….if we are to be self reliant our economic systems shud be focussed around independancy on foreign countries…we have enough resources in our country which are not for use of the public and are either made private due to selfish alternate motives of the previous governments or their corrupt systems…shud we not have more public sector involvement for atleast all important commodities in india…why are such industries given to only private players who are not for the service of our nation nd its people…if most players in the industry start working for our people instead of Private profit making..the prices would all be low ..very less inflation and the country wud be dependent also nd such bodies shud be regulated by the government for the benefit of people nd not for the polititians private business empires such as the Solar power farms in Jaipur fr the Damad of the previous government nd such futuristic businesses be given back to the citizens of the country to whom they actually belong…we hope you can cure these all mess and can give us an independent economy nd a real growth oriented economy too…with regards

    • Balakrishna M on said:

      Dear Sir,
      With due respect to you to get our countries economy straight we have to do it by ourself.All what you have written is true and fair.But who will do? Before independence people did by themselves now we ask somebody to do for us!!!!. If a politician is currupt who will punish him? it should be the general public. The police and court,they themselves are busy protecting these curruption and the currupt. We see the traffic police on two wheeler without helmet and driving in wrong direction. We see the police (Khaki) collecting daily bribes form hawkers etc etc. So if the people want curruption to be out we ourselves must be on streets.

  16. N K Tawakley on said:

    The single primary reason that has killed India Growth machine is politics.
    In the last 6 decades politics has entered every sphere of public life. The politics has entered public life because it has become the most profitable business.
    It has become a profitable business because politicians are immune to the law and order of the land.
    If strict guidelines are made and applied for people entering politics the situation can be made better and politics can be made clean.
    The prime glaring example is that while there is a prohibition for people having criminal cases against them to join government jobs, there is no such rule for people entering politics. Therefore criminals have entered the politics and they rule over the people in government jobs. All the decisions that were being taken during the previous regime were based upon vested interests of the politicians. Therefore those decisions could never be correct.

    • sundaresan muthiah on said:

      you are correct . by implimenting very very strict laws to entrace political scene and restricted enty of politicians in Govt areas may work .

  17. sundaresan muthiah on said:

    Simple answer , If the Head of a family is not right , the entire family will be ruined by negative position .
    If the governence of a country is not right the same as family only.
    Our old govt bodies employed persons only by caste and religion basic only. So at lower qulification people got job at govt sector , where they could not work perfectly and give good result and out put ,
    What ever the caste or religion give priority to qualified people .
    At present all highly qualified personels are emplyed in out side of India ,because they don’t get good oppournity in INDIA.

  18. maryantos simon on said:

    Sir,with respect I am writing to you sir,I am from kerala,and I voted for congress,but what you are doing now is something different,something great for the people.
    That something you want to do more…..Be careful on your side….there can be people who can deceive you,cheat and can do wonderful things that can spoil the broth.
    I believe you……..all these years I voted only for congress……but you are different…..whatever help from my side to uplift India I am ready to do……even for India I am ready to give my life….this is not a joke.
    Vande Matharam!!

  19. Anupam on said:

    Who killed India’s Growth. The answer is very clear. The uneducated foreigner dispensation and the rabid traitors, the Vatican Boko Harami Congress working for foreigners on;ly. No doubt Onlt 10 million jobs for Indians created in India in last 10 years while aroudn 30 million jobs created in Foreign white nations, Australia, EU-US not to forget Italy and slumdog illegal Bangaldeshis.

  20. Anupam on said:

    In any other country some of the actions of the previous Plunderer Govt would have led to the Firing squad for the leader
    1. FTA with South Korea,now those dog eating gooks a country with 35 million Population, what market it will give India. However, the previous Govt of traitors led by an Italian, signed the Death warrent of Indian electronic industry, 6 million jobs lost, 6 million famiies below poverty line. That Gook country despite the law that at most 5% of employees can be expats is keeping almost 40% Korean dog eaters in its compaies providing jobs to Koreans, it got a 1.2 billion market.
    2. VAT imposition ( Vatican Tax) on only Indian Products and Made in India products while the Foreign Products and services are free from it. It was done deliberatly by the christifascist congress so that India can be a Vatican Freehold, however, it killed a entire medium and small scale industries in India as the Indian product became costlier than the same dumped product from China or America. (Come to Think of it the half foreign Yuvraj had the gall to talk of manufacturing hubs after killing manufacturing in India)
    4. In the name of FDI foreign fly by night currency manipulators (after a generous cut offcourse) was allowed a direct access to Finacial Market for instant profit, rather than investments in Infrastructure
    5. Even today, the so called most free market (US) reserves more than 2000 products for its medium and small scale industry where no foreign competition is allowed, However the foreigner govt and traitors like Chidambram reduced this to 110. Switzerland has 961, this killed almost entire mediaum and small scale industry and huge loss to Indian jobs and people
    6. Indian companies were FORCED TO HIRE White skinned foreigners (I myself saw tha ads of HPCL-Mittal “wanted only West European or US residents”, same is with Mott MacDonald, the looters who are making a killing in India. DMRC was forced to line up foreign Korean firms. The Commanwealth scam is greatest exapmle where even the masons and toilet setters were imported from Australia, (while this evil Govt just distributed around 2,00,000 condoms free to white skins to rape Indian women-Asian Age reported this news, so much for this imposter govt concern fro India)

  21. Anupam on said:

    7. Only India is a country where a foreigner can buy property, for the ease of which the Rs was free floated, so that the foreigner can bring the same amount of money, while depressed Re made the property out of reach for average Indian(the nefarious plan by the UPA to make green zones for beggers of Europe to loot India). Today its reported that almost 4 million vagabonds from white nations are illegaly settled in India (many in Ashrams because of the Free Food these nazis get, and in addition spy against India or commit acts of arson).
    8. The so called FDI in retail (nefarious gameplan of sonia govt to kill Indian shopkeepers). AS per studies by economist Namit Verma Walmart and dinos like it can kill 4 crore small shopkeepers of India, by Hiring only 983 people (In US Walmart is counted as a worst company, its banned in Many countries in Europe and even Gulf) and even 20 states of US. After pressure from US the evil sonia Govt agreed to only 10% Indian products and only 10% Indian staff. Now they would have got cheap products dumped from China or begger nations like Phillipines, which would have for the time being cheaper for Indians than Indian Farmers products . That would have killed Indian Industry, shopkeeper, and FARMER. Thank God that congis did not win, they were planning a law whereby US companies would not have to follow Indian laws. Jobs Gone,. Plunder of India,(Italian companies anyway are not following Indian laws, neither Korean companies)
    10, The allowing fo dumping of Chinese products in India, killing almost entire Indian Industry, the one sided MFA with slumdog Bangladesh, all to kill Indian jobs and industry
    11. The most harrowing and nefarious law planned by the traitors was FTA with EU in agriculture. The pampered EU farmer is subsidized to 38% by EU. The products would have been dumped in India and Indian FARMERs would have died, Either depressed selling of land for so called FDI in agriculture which Obama wanted or selling it to the Builder-foreign mafia (there are almost 76000 so called Engg, medical, management colleges which popped up in last 10 years, many of them having not even a single student, but only land capture, prime agriculture land captured in name of education)

  22. Anupam on said:

    Why was Visa on arrival to all nations except 8?? Is Italy doing the same. Visa on arrival come to think of it to Bangaldeshis (who need no visa of illegaly get into India, Delhi is a veritable stinking Dhaka filled to brim with these criminal vermins) who have captured almost 20 million INDIAN jobs, then the drug vending Nigerians and Kenyans, lot of whom are freely living without visas in India and even landed in jobs


    The Best Way to control inflation and reduce the financial crisis of the govt

    The Indian government can go about reducing the value of dollar by approx 3 rs every month and in 10 months the Target will be reached. ie at 1USD = INR 30 , 50 percent cheaper fuel , 50 percent reduced cost of manufacturing , 50 percent cheaper Goods , Cheaper imports to prevent any shortage of essential commodities , because cheaper cost of manufactiuring, so industrial sale will increase, so better jobs and Good money to people to spend locally, so local industrys get more demand, so local industry business picks up.

    I seek your help to get the below idea implemented by the government, bring it to the knowledge of the government for debating, The Best Way to control inflation and reduce the financial crisis of the govt, and the oil import bill [ about 300,000 crores ] is to follow the Chinese example of artificial currency pegging , ie peg in India 1 USD = INR 30. This will at one stroke half the Oil import bill and finish Current Account Deficit of Government. Chinese government is doing artificial pegging of Yuan [ 1USD = 6 Yuan ] , the chinese government decides the exchange rate , not any market forces, for the last 20 yrs and see how much it has benefited them . Starting from virtually zero, Chinese Economy is now a Powerhouse in the World Economy and ranked at number two, second only to USA and at the same time , as the result of this policy, Jobs have mushroomed across China and created a Thriving and prosperous middle class.

    The Chinese Govt still admits doing this to Tame rising inflation in China, inspite of protest from USA.

    I seek you advise / comments / recommendation / help on this idea . I want to bring on the discussion table of the Indian Government, so that they can start doing this procedure for the benefit Aam Aadmi of the entire country.

    • V G SUNDAR KUMAR on said:

      Your suggestion is fabulous. It is conspicuous and I wonder why Mr Chidambaram or Mr Manmohan Singh did not contemplate. Petroleum products have been very high for more than a decade. 50% lesser in allour imports would have historically made a difference to our economy. We would have saved so much of dollars outflow . I am hoping that Mr Jaitly would implement this policy.

      • Kartar Arora on said:

        I totally agree with you Mam! But I would also request the government to Make Corruption punishable for both the citizens who give or take bribe.
        Make laws with strict action like 5-6 yrs non bailable jail term for corrupts as corruption is also one of the biggest obstacle for our country’s growth.
        My pledge to all Indians please stop bribing for easy way outs…..

  24. Vijaya Shanbhag on said:

    Hindustan’s growth machine is killed by a handful few who are jealous and envious of its becoming SUPER POWER. So each citizen I advise stay away from jealous people as it hinders your growth and hence growth of the Nation. Carve your goals,set your goals and target … THINK AIM ACHIEVE…. THINK BIG DREAM BIG ….. JAI HIND … Thanks Vijaya 022-29275327

  25. Charbak Bhattacharyya on said:

    India can grow only through good infrastructure such as 10 Lane highways, high speed rail corridor dedicated to goods and passenger seperately, make port for ships and make electricity generation units through nuclear powers. Just follow to implement all these see within 2 years Indias economy will bounce back and employment generation automatically will increase. If require ask me to come personally I will be available for all good gesture as I am staying in Delhi Only. And certainly make District wise superspeciality hospital and Degree college for education and health.


    Modi govt should ponder over the import of cheap,unhealthy stuff from China which are flooding the Indian markets and people are falling a pray on account of their price.Consequently similar goods of quality being made in India are not preferred due to variance in price.It is having a direct effect on Indian industry,job opportunities and as a whole on Indian economy.

  27. Rajini on said:

    Modiji is the person who shall bring India out from the troubled waters, lets pray for his good health, May God grant him the strength to manage the stress and come out successfully.

  28. Paulose Parappuram on said:

    Food for thought:
    1. Which Engine are we talking about?
    2. Who created it ?
    3. When was it created ?
    4. Where was it created?
    5. Fictional or Real ?

    Let me now consider IT as one of the Engines Growth.
    1. Who created it ?
    2. When was it created ?
    3. Where was it created?
    4. Fictional or Real ?

    William(A Million) Wordsworth once described the poet’s task as to:
    “A present joy the matter of a song, Pour forth that day my soul in measured strains That would not be forgotten and are here Recorded”
    Wordsworth’s magnum opus is generally considered to be The Prelude, a semiautobiographical poem of his early years which he revised and expanded a number of times.

  29. Rizwan Ahmad on said:

    Dear sir.
    Please punish the culprits wheather they belong to your party or from anywhere else . In recent days we have heard that there was a scam in Madhya pradesh in which the involvement was related to some of your senior party leaders.The matter was not been taken up and was left as it was.


    Government policies and implementation machinery are the two major areas which affected the growth. Policies were diluted when the implementation of Adhar card was effected. It is an example. Reservation policy made many highly research oriented minds to leave the country. corruption in Government offices made many business projects not to venture. Care must be taken to bring in foreign businesses. We could quote many medical items banned in foreign countries were pushed in to India Vanaspathy (Dalda) was a banned item in foreign countries but ran business and got more profit in India. Chineese toys were banned for its paint colouring in foreign countries but reaches India without any control. Any medicine can be purchased from medical shops without any restrictions. Is it the way a control should be?

  31. Abhishek on said:

    I think the mgnrega schemes & one rupee rice etc. have increased labour prices and labour decreased labour availability. People of villages have become lazy and they only want subcidies and allowances and free items from govt. Even farmers have a problem in finding labours for agriculure. Loans for entrepreneurs should be made available in low interest rates(mainly for manufacturers) like loans are given to farmers. At the interest rates of agricultural loans funds should be allocated to new food processing units

  32. shashikant jain on said:

    india growth kill due to the increasing in population and reservation in every field in india.
    our country grow but increasing in population kill our growth. so first make strong law that after two child no one get adhar card, rashan card any govt facilities, bank account.so people must control population. these law mandatory apply for all castes. no excuse given any caste in anyway. ex. two marriage allow in any caste in this condition male get all benefit when he have only two child in both two marriage. in this way population of all caste also maintain. otherwise ratio in caste mismanage. this is harmful for our country.
    second-reservation in every field kill growth of india.
    in this condition govt give free education in reserved category of poor persons , this facilities not given to capable person of reserved category. ex IAS, minister govt employee those also get reservation why. they capable in every condition why reservation, scholarship facilities given for reserved caste.
    help poor person of every caste. please not divide our country by caste in reservation.

  33. Madhulika Saxena on said:

    I fully agree with Mr. Shashikant, that quota system (reservation) in every category is the main cause of stopping the growth of the country. Beause of this quota system the Govt. help is not going to actually poor people, they are still begging on the roads, school going kids running Rikshas on the roads.
    Second reason leaders coming in the Sansad from families (mother, father, son, dauthter, son & daughter in-law) only not from common people. AAP party tried but the those leader were not accepted by the system. How can we say that India is a democratic country, its not, when some sellected families are running the country.

  34. Mukul Mahant on said:

    No use asking WHO?
    Time to act .
    Do act NOW.
    What to act ON – and how to? ASK ME Professionally.
    120 crores must be fully employed Productively -to live VERY WELL .IAS cannot Rajan cannot .Millions of IIT/IIM /PHDs cannot.
    Select people and listen. Speeches get votes. After That??


  35. DILIP SHAH on said:


  36. Pravinchandra G Dhameliya on said:

    Who has time to read this long poem and even longer comments?
    we short and sweet.
    Remove redtapism.Reduce the length of words in law book,
    Act quickly and stop avenue of corruption by making state forward law statements which public can understand.

  37. dayananda kamath on said:

    I have filed a complaint with commissioner of police against all the cabinet ministers of upa for the last 10 years for conspiracy and miss managing the economy. but no action so far.

  38. vinithbabu on said:



  39. Sharma R P on said:

    Power, Money and Status Seekers who use knowledge and skills solely for SELF-SERVICING in the name of Public Service. Be it Bureaucrats or Politicians or anyone else.

  40. DR.R.PRABHU on said:

    The first culprit is a non voter, Second culprit is a senseless and irresponsible citizen. Blaming the government or the leaders is questionable. Question yourself who voted them to power. and powered politicians made rules for their comforts. Stop Indian civil services immediately. give way to experienced and senior officers in respective departments.Civil service was brought by Britishers during their tenure in India for their comforts. British govt has never installed the same services in their own country. Rigid laws to be brougt to deal with the corrupt including the judiciary.Growth machine should rise with sincere and experienced, and not by officers passing the examinations

  41. HARBANS JINDAL on said:

    Taxman are harassing a lot to the businessmen who ever pay tax. They exploit the Tax payer and blackmail them by interpreting the tax laws by their own way. bcoz they do know higher authority do not adjudicate the matter in favour of tax payer if revenue is involved.
    The situation have even worsned after interest on tax was increased to 24% and 30% after 6 months and 1 year respectively. Bcoz if one goes to litigation , normally 5 to 10 years are taken to decide a case. and if it goes against the the tax payer then such an high interest rate will definately kill him. The tax payer is not spared even if an officer of the rank as high as commissioner holds the same view and interpret the law in the same way as a tax payer interpreted.
    Tax laws and definitions are not well defined for a common man to understand the same. leave alone a common man 95% of the population deosnt understand the meaning.
    So the laws should be defined in such a way that at least 95% of the people should be able to clearly interpret it and not the other way around.

  42. HARBANS JINDAL on said:

    MANREGA is the main culprit. It is the total wastage of taxpayers money.
    Instaed of wasting money such a way R& D facilities should be given preferences.
    The looters of the country like Reliance who have done nothing for the is country except lootiong the people and the Govt. , should be asked

  43. maha bir on said:

    lazy leaders &currupt officers

  44. JYOTI GANJOO on said:

    to express the thought is easy but for bringing in reality is difficult so some concrete steps to wipe up this kind of evil is need of hour we should concentrate on those .

  45. RK Raghav on said:

    We, all wish and want to see the other as full of loyalty and honest but on the other hand corruption could be eradicated form our society or offices only a single individual could stop him/herself to accept or give up such incidents and always think for country.
    In fact, the top mechanism incl elected MP/MLA and associated bureaucrats could lead a honest life then lower class do not have dare to mislead the syatem.

  46. Vehicles getting provided as facility to Govt.officers should be restructured. This is just a opinion that if purchasing vehicles and providing it maintaing it is a big recurring cost to all State & also to a central govt. If they could ask officers as like private companies that purchase your own vehicles and pet km travelling expenses will be paid.This will may save capital investments on purchase of vehicles and other expenses related to this.

  47. It appears Mr. Rajendra Pratap started this Circle, which is necessary. Keep it up. Great. In this Circle, we not only pinpoint who killed India’s Growth but also provide solutions to ensure such activities which harms growth of India is isolated Politically which will make ‘Bharat – Ek Sone ki Chidiya, again’

  48. narendra on said:

    The growth of India can be only done if there is an approach of free market Economy where Governance is the only job of the Government and also to regulate where inequalities are created and the push for creativity and Entrepreneurship is the order of the day.
    The whole growth can happen if there is easy access to funds for small entrepruners who strive to achieve and make their ideas mature into business opportunties.
    IN India SME have access to Credit at a very high cost and they promoters are running a business to keep all the agencies of the Government happy than themselves.
    The government comes in the way of all business as they have monopoly of all the basic amenities and charge whatever they want.
    The cost of Crude starts from 26$ or even less FOB if the refineires are capable of using this and produce the fuel then cost of business will go down.
    If the cost of borrowing is reduced to 7% to 8 % then Business can thrive and there should be strict laws for ensuring that payments are made on time for goods delivered in the entire chain.
    Government Contracts have penalty clauses which are high unresonable and where the firms working the jobs end up paying penalty even if they are not at fault.
    The government Floated the tender and then you have CVC behind every job to the extent the officers refuse to take responsibility as they are afraid that their pension will be barred. So how can governance occur.
    Maggi Thacher the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Said that the government has no business to be in Business its job is only to govern and give a free market economy and she privatized all government Run Businesses This lead to lowest level of corruption as the govennment was not running any business.
    If the Government Privatized all the areas from Railways to Airlines to Roads and Utilities the issue of Corruption will be almost negligible and the best businesses will survive.
    It will be the Governments Responsibility to ensure that the regulation is to prevent profiteering by organization and that can be done by bringing competition in all of the areas.

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