Top 5 Questions Parents should Ask while Choosing a Kindergarten




Experts suggest that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five. If we don’t begin thinking about education in the early years, our children are at risk of falling behind by the time they start Kindergarten.
Robert. L. Ehrlich 


It’s not surprising to be ‘anxious’ for parents who are preparing to send their tiny-tots to their first “big school”.


How to go about picking the right kindergarten school?


“It’s scary when you start”, shares Anu, a mother of two in Noida. “After all, you’re trying to make an important decision for your child”, she adds.


After whirlwind tours and countless conversation with teachers, friends, and family, here are some top questions which you need to ask -


What is the Anticipated Class Size? 


The optimal size of a kindergarten class should ideally consist of  1: 18 teacher to students ratio. Inkindergarten2 a more crowded prep school, children may not fit in the lunchroom, in the activity class, or on the buses at the same time; leading to undue hassles, staggered management issues, or later dismissals.


You should also enquire about the number of teacher’s aides, volunteers and supporting staff which will be present at different times during school hours.


What is the Parent’s Involvement?


At the best schools, parents are treated and invited regularly as participants in their child’s education.  Whether it’s about the kid’s homework, or doing a craft together in school time, or organizing a mini-show for kids, parent involvement boosts student achievement.  You can tell whether a school is encouraging involvement, if you find other parents down the halls, to attend a PTA event or to volunteer at the playfield. You can ask them if they’re satisfied with the level of communication from the school and if they’ve been invited to participate in their kid’s activities.


What is the Method of handling Discipline?


As parents you are aware of the difficulties in handling your child. Disciplinary action varies from one kindergarten to another and should be understood in entirety; to understand the psychological impact that can be cast on the minds of your child after joining the school.


Can we be assured of a nourishing relationship between the kindergarten teacher and our kid?


kindergarten3According to Tyre, the relationship between a teacher and a pre-schooler is more important than any curriculum and requires a deep insight into the same. A kindergarten facility which offers complete engagement by the staff and instructors and assures you of close interactions as well as personal involvement with the child, is the one which should be chosen to provide a congenial environment for your kid.


A discussion with the teachers regarding the weaknesses, strengths, interests, academic and emotional achievements and background of their current students, will go a long way in throwing light on the expected behavior in relation to your child’s progress and improvement in future.


Will my child get good exposure to “Language” and proper answers to his curiosities?


The kindergarten which ensures a lot of time for storytelling sessions, reading or learning through building blocks can help in increasing the vocabulary strength of tiny tots through proper use of phonetics and syllabication. The information passed on to  children through these kindergarten methods of instructuction, remains ingrained for a longer time and supplements the bed time stories, rhyme sessions and study time at home.


It is always advisable to address your concerns and be completely satisfied before zeroing in on the right kindergarten which will play host to your loved one in the days to come.


5 comments on “Top 5 Questions Parents should Ask while Choosing a Kindergarten

  1. Lawrence Rodriguez on said:

    I have been trying to find a good kindergarten for my son to go to, but I can’t decide on which ones I like. This being the case, I really appreciate you sharing some insight with me about things I need to make sure I ask while finding one. Making sure my son is going to have fun, but also learn a lot is important to me. I’ll be sure to look for these 2 things now. Thanks for the help.

  2. Jeff Madison on said:

    I appreciate your tip on asking about anticipated class sizes when looking into a kindergarten. It seems that smaller classes are generally better for your kid, especially early on in their education. My wife and I are looking for kindergarten for our oldest who starts school this fall, we’ll be sure to ask about class size when we find one one.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald on said:

    These are some great things to inquire about when looking for a kindergarten. I like how you talked about asking after the handling of discipline. I definitely don’t want my kids to get away with any of their shenanigans!

  4. Jasper Whiteside on said:

    Class size is probably the most important consideration I would look at. I would like to see a good balance in the number of teachers or teacher aids compared to the number of students. Even if there was just an aide there for part of the day would be better than one teacher in a 30 student class. I’m sure that the aide would be a relief to the teacher as well.

  5. Frank Delaware on said:

    Thank you for all this great information about choosing a kindergarten. One thing that really stood out to me is that you say that usually the best ratio is 1:18. It would be nice to know that your child will be able to get all of the attention that they will need from their teacher.

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