Respecting thy Neighbors as you ‘Party Tonight’

The desire to party hard with friends and loved ones or livenin’ it up at a social gathering you organized in a community lawn can certainly bring you much joy and merrymaking — often along with high decibels of musical notes and uninterrupted chatter and noise.


Unless the revelry becomes a regular and persistent affair, reasonable neighbors and others living in close proximity generally refrain from complaining or raising serious objections. However, regard and respect for neighbors, warranty a few steps on the part of party
organizers and invitees alike.


Sir, this is to inform you……

Once you have the agenda ready and are on the verge of making calls to invite people over, remind yourself to visit your next door neighbors and inform them about your plans to hold a late night party in your apartment. It is also courteous to drop a few lines about the timings and extend a polite invitation to foster better relations and prevent any annoying episodes during or after the party.


It’s good to know your neighbors lifestyle and behavioral patterns

Whether the party is being organized in the common areas of the complex or within the walls of your own residence, it certainly helps to know a bit about the behavioral habits and regular lifestyle of the other occupants and organize accordingly. For example, it would be nice to keep in mind weekday schedules which demand early sleeping hours and wake up calls for school going children. Organizing your party on a Saturday night would go a long way in preventing frantic mothers calling up to keep the volumes low.


Informing guests about do’s and don’ts

Keeping the convenience of neighbors in mind, it is very important to advise your guests about the timings of the party and the expected time of their departure. The security personnel along with other community members, would appreciate a timely closure as the night wears on. As an example, informing guests about the concerning health of the elderly couple next door or the presence of a new born baby in the floor directly above can prevent loud conversations and turning the music above acceptable levels without your intervention.


Sensitive solutions for fun filled parties

Citing an example yet again- your neighbors and children residing in the apartment will be really happy to notice that you have kept their playground or walking pathways out of bound for guest, or have remembered to clear up the passages and halls after the party or even sent a small “thank you” note to acknowledge their co-operation.
Being sensitive to your neighbors’ concern by keeping the windows and doors locked during the party to keep out the noise or using common areas in a manner which least effects their normal living, goes a long way in helping you throw more into the ‘late night-let your hair down’ parties in future.

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