New Year Resolutions for Young Kids


If your conversations about your New Year’s resolution steer towards your child’s desire of making his own –  then encourage it.


Children can learn a lot about self-discipline and the value of making goals which ultimately can accomplish self-regulatory behaviors by the time they grow up to be an adult.


Some of the most encouraging resolutions which promise excitement and self-planning are more like “goals “ and “to-do-lists”…but then that’s what young kids need anyways.



 New Year resolutions for Preschoolers and School age Kids


With 2013 still in its nascent days, a great way to encourage young kids is to set up visual reminders for them. Let you or your child scribble cute little notes and stick them up at strategic points in and around their rooms!! …


  •   I will brush my teeth everyday and put my things where they belong.resolutions
  •   I will always wash my hands before my meal.
  •   I will not throw soap bubbles all over the bathroom wall.
  •   I will be nice to other kids around the block.
  •   I will complete my homework and sleep on time.
  •   I will eat what my mommy says, and limit my aerated drinks.
  •   I will unhook from my laptop, iPod or watching TV, having it no more 60 minutes in a day.
  •   I will not throw tantrums before leaving for my hobby class.
  •   I will be extra polite and show respect towards all elders, parents and my teachers at school.


New Year resolutions for Teens


  •   I will make healthier eating choices and jump off the couch more.
  •   I will donate my time for a good cause.
  •   I will concentrate on my algebra more.
  •   I will learn a new sport or a musical instrument.
  •   I will help around my mom with her chores.
  •   I will finish reading one novel every two weeks. 

By taking the lead, and being reflective to your child’s goals, you can help promote newer accomplishments for them this coming New Year:)





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