Neighborhood Watch – Keeping the Neighborhood Safe

It has been said in one of the holy books that “Far better a neighbor that is near than a brother far off.”


How true!


In today’s world, though technology makes it possible to have thousands of “friends”, but how many of them actually come to help when needed?


The families that make up our neighborhood are possibly one of our best social networks; for when there’s an emergency, it’s more likely that our neighbors are the first ones who step in before even our closest friends or relatives can possibly arrive.


Safety in the Neighborhood


As we hear about the growing level of crime incidences all over, it becomes increasingly important to take appropriate measures to combat security issues in the areas we live.


If members of a neighborhood get together, they can effectively work towards ensuring safety and security in their locality. For the same, good neighbors can look out for others and their actions can be directed towards the welfare of the community.


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Additionally, various communities looking at the option of developing neighborhood watch groups can prevent unwarranted crime and violence in their neighborhoods. Their mission can be to keep an eye on their surroundings; and if they see a suspicious person prowling about or any other untoward happening, they immediately get in touch with each other and the concerned authorities.


Here are some tips to promote safety in your neighborhood:


Provide basic security education- Many people are quite lax about basic security habits such as locking their front doors, disclosing information to maids, servants or outsiders etc.. Conducting seminars on basic home security is a great way to educate a neighborhood community and simultaneously bring them together. In addition, there is lots of online information that will help you educate yourself and your neighbors regarding self-protection.


Develop security practices – Crime is simply not possible if the neighborhood is alert and cooperative. When neighbors get together, they can develop vigilant security practices and work in a proactive way.


Provide sufficient lighting – Areas without proper lighting are more prone to burglaries. Special importance needs to be given to lighting at entry and exit points of a locality. A 100 foot zone of visibility around your area should provide enough brightness to identify colors and faces.


Install live surveillance equipment – Installation of wireless video cameras which transmit live video to security guard control center can provide wide neighborhood coverage and security. This will prove more economical as compared to going in for a 24 hour guard service in every block, gate or tower.


Spread the word – When a security program has been implemented in your neighborhood, you can spread awareness about it throughout the neighborhood. This will also send out a powerful message to potential criminals that your neighborhood knows well on how to look after itself.


Promote feelings of neighborliness – Community events produce a feeling of togetherness and display the solidarity of the neighborhood to outsiders. Organizing clean-up events to remove garbage and vegetation overgrowth subtly convey to thieves that an area is well looked after and guarded. A well maintained neighborhood is less likely to seem a good target to thieves.


We can say that neighbors play an important role in integrating society and keeping the community safe. It’s always heart-warming to be surrounded with people who have good feelings for one another. An important thing to remember is that having great neighbors begins with being a good neighbor yourself.

20 comments on “Neighborhood Watch – Keeping the Neighborhood Safe

  1. G C Goyal on said:

    You can choose a neighbour but not a brother. Another reason for neighbour being better.
    The steps suggested above are conducive for USA/Canada where houses are independent and separated. In our colony we are all 4 storey adjoining blocks with seven families in each and in constant reach of one and all. The security gadgets and patrol groups etc are too costly for our economy to afford. We need develop community feelings by regular social interactions. Bye

  2. Col. Raja on said:

    We must develop a neighbourhood security and help system. First all those interested must exchange phone nos. House Appt. Nos. Then sugestions should be called in for how to organise and what all should be considered Emergency. Theft, Threat, Health Emergency, advice on empolyment of Domestic help, Driver, Gardner. Reference of these guy’s from the Circle and various other matters. We can start a begining and gradually develop a Model.

  3. A. K. Mathur on said:

    Very true. We must share these basic information about contact number. Everyone should always be mentally prepared to actually respond to any emergency call in the neighbourhood. The very first step towards this is to know each other personnally and always greet each other whenever we see each other.

  4. Sarika Sharma on said:

    I like this article, it is very informative.but sometimes you can’t choose your neighbors also and if they are non cooperative so you can’t maintain the relations and expect anything from them.

  5. Ashwin on said:

    Informative article. I strongly feel that an individual/family take an initiative to introduce themselves to the neighbours and have a weekly meeting to discuss the safety and other common issues.

  6. Neelu Sharma on said:

    Its definitely about safety, but neighborhood activities shud also include cleanliness drives, pets’ issues & community celebration of festivals.

    • Mohana Rajan on said:

      Yes. It must include cleanliness of the neighbourhood. People shd be made aware of domestic violence in your neighbourhood. Like the ‘Bell Bajao’ alert. Eve teasing in the area shd be curbed also. People shd come forard to any kind of child abuse also.

  7. ssimren. mehra on said:

    A good neighbour is most dependable. More than any friend or family that is far.

  8. Ramendranath Sarker on said:

    Delhi do not bother a word called friend. A true friend is an unconditional one who comes forward and give his wisdom and help at time when one need them badly. When every road is closed for some one, there friend comes. Will you bother to take an injured person to hospital????. Ask yourself how many times you did it.

    • Amar Nath on said:

      अगर किसी घायल को अस्पताल ले जायेंगे तो पुलिस इतना परेशान करेगी की जिंदगी में अपने को ले जाने में 100 बार सोचना पड़ेगा। में इन अनुभव से गुजर चूका हु बाकि कोर्ट और पुलिस और मीडिया की कथनी करनी में जमीं आसमान का अंतर है।

  9. Deepak Yashpal on said:

    Yes the saying above is very true.
    But what does a Senior citizen like me do for he last 5-6 months I have been blasted with unprecedented ‘BANGING’ by my top floor neighbour (C-25, Sarita Vihar) & generally harassed by them through them calling the police & making fictitious complaints just because I tell them they are damaging the entire building structure by their unprecedented renovation work which does not seem to end!!

  10. Juggi Khanna on said:

    We have formed a group among few senior citizens, whose kids are not living with them – mostly out of country. We maintain a chain and each one of us has to make only one call every alternate day as of now, and we all are in touch to check the well being and in case we need to respond to help. Besides keeping watch, we intend to extend the connect to social well being. Not surprising that I appreciate the article.

    • ashok sehgal on said:

      dear Mr.Khanna,
      Great ! Congratulations! Let me introduce myself I am Ashok Sehgal just stepped in the category of Senior Citizen and am proud to announce that in our colony
      Vatika Apartments (RWA73) we have around 162 Senior Citizens registered .
      Our colony is like a one big family ,Seeing is believing !
      Thanks to our MLA Mr.Jagdeep Singh who had been not only studying the problems of residents very seriously but taking prompt action as well.
      Mr.Khanna I on behalf of our association extend my hand to you all consider this as the first step toward Nation’s Integrity .
      warm regards
      ashok sehgal

  11. What concerns me most of all is the way metro phase 3′constructction is going on in here. There is hardly any concern for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists,Also the metro construction here does not provide any crossovers in the stretch from a technology apartments till the end of the road. It would not be surprising if people get injured there. It seems that all those responsible do not care for the affected persons.

  12. Vijay Sood on said:

    A neighbor in nee is a neighbor indeed. This is the only way for the aging society to take care of itself.

  13. pramod menon -Founder Citizens Welfare Association on said:

    In India at our local area ,what our N.G.O is being doing is collecting the details of all Flat owners ,No of ladies ,Children ,Senior Citizens,Details of Servants ,Drivers ,Watchmen. We try to collect the maximum data with photographs. Make copies of the files based on the Number of Housing Societies and submit each copy to the Society members. One Original copy is given to the Local police station and one we keep in our NGO Office. It is a very tedious process but this has to be done atleast in India where crime has increased against children and women and senior citizens.
    Visit us on

    • padmaja on said:


      thanks sharing the information, is it possible to do the same in Bangalore :) let me know any NGO’s doing this BG road.

  14. rohit on said:

    Article cover everything. It’s fact sometimes you cann’t choose neighbor. Sometimes you leave so reserved, and due to that nobody know much abt u, and u don’t know any neighbor.

  15. seema Redkar on said:

    ALM concept in Mumbai is good example of dev safe neighborhood.It an engagement of citizens for waste management which move basic issues and creates a sence of ownership amongst people

  16. SABIR ALI on said:

    Tenant verification compulsory for safe city.

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