Going Green and Reducing your Electricity Bill


As we catch up with congested times, phrases such as “Go green! “Conserve energy” and “Reduce your Carbon Footprint” have begun to have a special significance. Mother Earth faces rising concerns about depleting natural resources and increased costs of energy usage, and without doubt, here is a crucial need for recycling and conservation.


There are many things we can do to help. Adults and children in every household should make it a habit to unplug unused appliances, use energy-saving bulbs, and switch off the lights in unoccupied rooms. Here are some more ways to save energy:

Reducing the phantom load

Taking up the challenge to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ means installing all appliances on UL-approved power strips. This makes it possible for you to unplug your dehumidifier, toaster, DVD player, microwave, television and geysers all from a single switch. By collectively switching off appliances when they are on standby mode or not in use, you can save invaluable energy.

Changing your purchasing habits

The next time you go shopping, take a minute to reflect upon the small choices you make that can make a huge difference to the environment. Don’t use plastic shopping bags, try purchasing goods that come in recycled packaging material, and buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged ones.

Going Green with laundry processes

You can quit using the dryer and go back to the old ways of air drying your hair and clothes. Apart from saving up to 10-15 percent on total household energy bills, you can regulate humidity levels and increase the life of your fabrics. Go a step further, wash your laundry by hand and use cold water to lock in the colors. This will also prevent high temperatures from damaging the texture of your clothes.

Take a hike!

Walking or cycling over short distances is a great way to reduce the waistline and increase savings on expensive petrol. Or ditch the car and hitch with car pool buddies to travel to work every day. The air we breathe becomes a lot cleaner with lesser carbon monoxide being pumped into it.

With Energy Star® appliances, you can put your home on an energy diet. They go a long way in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, wastage of natural resources, and in making utility bills dip lower. 


6 comments on “Going Green and Reducing your Electricity Bill

  1. Mamak on said:

    Please immediately remove all bulbs and replace them with CFLs. I strongly suggest that you use branded CFLs because they will last longer and have a lower depreciation of light after use. If you want to save the environment further then go for LED bulbs, they are more expensive it is true but save energy and have no mercury. Security demands lighting but you can save by taking the right environment protecting decisions.

  2. how to save on electric bill on said:

    Thank you for your article. I have been searching for all the info I can find about on how to save on electric bill.

  3. Anil on said:

    Leaving in sync with nature and followiing the schedule of our Rishi Munni, we can save a lot on electricity bills as well as Medical Bills. If you sleep in time and do not be awake for longer hours, we save on light bills, TV bills etc. The longer you are awake, the more light you need.

    The if you start sleeping early, you should wake up early so that you can have fresh unpoluted air to breathe in out doors.

    This simple change in routine will definitely save energy and improve your health and resulting in greater efficiency, innovation and contribution.

  4. Neeti Jain on said:

    Solar energy must be made reasonable and complusary for each citizen like tax paying is a must. In areas where there is less sun and rivers flowing there PRAVAAH BAL (current of flowing river ) must be utilized to produce electricity and in other areas near sea wind mills should be used. This would save a lot of problem.

  5. Avinash Shreedhar Limaye on said:

    Fans, Air-Conditionar, Refrigerator, Water Pump Motor, etc. Power Consuming Equipments, When Not active use Should be switched off / cut off from Power Source. Lights should be should be used to minimum and Kept on unnesesorily.

  6. Anil Zutshi on said:

    Totally agree with this and more and more awareness is needed,,,,,Thanks a lot for sharing it,,,,,

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