Explaining Interest Circles on LocalCircles

Interest circles allow local people with common interests to get connected and stay in touch. Examples include:

  • Senior Citizens in a Neighborhood
  • Ladies Kity/Club in a Society
  • Learning Dance in Sector 56, Gurgaon
  • Playing Cricket in Sector 93, Noida
  • Healthy Living/Diet in Delhi/NCR
  • A Family Circle in Delhi/NCR

The possibilities are endless. With LocalCircles, you can discover common interest locals around you, stay connected with other trusted locals. At all times you can ask/share/discuss, find information and or seek emergency assistance.


So go ahead, create that circle that you have been wanting to for a while and bring your Local life together on LocalCircles.

One comment on “Explaining Interest Circles on LocalCircles

  1. Avinash Chawla on said:

    We have a Federation of Senior citizens Forums/ Associations- Gurgaon and would like to form a local circle to disseminate information and initiate discussions on subjects of common interest . Please suggest as to how we should proceed to form a local circle.

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