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Saying No to Negativity in Your Workplace

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Often referred to as an insidious, cancerous infiltration that silently pervades the work environment – ‘negativity’ is a contagious disease which often leads to episodes of backbiting, bullying, gossips, Positivitycomplaining and hostile feeding of the grapevine. It not only affects co-workers and colleagues at psychological, emotional and physical levels, but is also detrimental to the overall health of the organization.


Sue Patton Theole correctly opined in her book ‘The Women’s Book of Courage’ that, “It is easier to avoid the effects of others’ negativity when we question an action or attitude that is appropriately directed at us. If it isn’t, we can choose to sidestep it and let it pass.”


Negative energy, like a bad virus, spreads unbelievably fast and destroys the productivity and morale of the entire team. But you do not have to be a manager or leader in order to curb this outbreak. Every employee, no matter what level they’re at, can lead the way in making the workplace more positive. Here are some easily implemented ideas: → Read More

The 5 Characteristics of Successful People

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Success. Our mind can sometimes get ourselves stuck in the way we think of our own dreams.




For it has the ability to convince us that something is impossible long before we give it our best effort. A mental surrender that can say, “I cannot do this”. “I cannot make it for sure”. “It is just not possible”.


So before anything else, we need to reinforce our own mind so that it doesn’t get in the way of dreams – our dreams of becoming successful in whatever we choose to pursue. With this state of mind and the following characteristics, we overcome the challenging route to discipline one’s self to accomplish monumental goals ahead of us. → Read More

Information Sharing as a ‘Form of Giving’

Sharing is not new, it’s Human Nature. We share things when it’s relevant, and enriches the lives of people around us.


In daily lives, several times you have a question but do not know who to ask. For instance, you may need trusted advice from a doctor when your child is feeling unwell or need to locate the best places around to buy stuff or eat out.  At other times you may be looking for summer classes for kids, or simply tips on staying healthy. All this becomes easy when you are connected to real people and communities around you – and to those who can help you find a good experience, and save you from a bad one. → Read More

‘Why’ Connect with your Community and Locals

I frequently discuss about relationships as one of the most vital contributors to your health and happiness. And it’s just not about close relationships – it’s about your community, the number of social contacts you have in your every-day life (including your grocery store owner and your neighbor across the street) that are directly associated with your well-being.


You may be an introvert, happily nodding at your dog, or spending long stretches of time without interacting with anyone (even your husband); but it is in your best interest when I suggest that you need to override such tendencies and get going to what is known as being ‘socially oriented’. → Read More

8 Secrets on Managing Work and Children

Most working mothers would love to get their hands on the ‘magic formula’ that can balance their demanding careers with efficient supervision of kids back home. In such situations, it’s crucial to streamline and simplify much of all essential tasks in every imaginable area of life.


Given below are some easy and simple guidelines, which promise to go a long way in helping you to get things accomplished, and come out on top with a smile! → Read More

Born to Be the Change Agent: Naturally Effective Leadership Traits

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John Quincy Adams was indeed correct when he opined, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
Simply emulation of the traits of effective leaders, as portrayed through their works and numerous books, is not enough to create a natural leader capable of bringing about a metamorphosis in the state and functional attributes of an organization. What one requires is an insight into his or her individual, natural and inherent leadership skills and talents, rather than a replication of the successful features of other leaders. → Read More