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Tips for Parents – On Making New Routines Stick

It is no mystery that children thrive on structure.


And now that the revitalizing summer break is over – even the most free-spirited, independent kids do best when they are given clear limits, and understand what is expected of them.


This is where routines come in.


Family routines and meaningful rituals guides the child’s behaviour and are straightforward, dependable ways of handling day-to-day family life – and its predictable consistency.


Here are few simple strategies on how parents can help ease the transition of getting kids-back-to-school-mode. → Read More

How to Teach Kids to Open up and Be Friendly

Ankita is someone who welcomes new experiences and new people. She looks forward to any opportunity to socialize and is the first one to jump into a conversation easily. She has plenty of friends. For her, being friendly and outgoing is natural, energizing and fun. And it doesn’t take much effort at all.


Other children are more like Ankita’s friend Rohan. Ever since kindergarten, Rohan has been kind of standoffish, hesitant and shy. He prefers to warm slowly to new people or situations.


One of the most challenging things to handle as a parent is how to teach your child to open up, particularly when it comes to making new friends or getting along in his/her peer circle. But if you start early, you can provide your child with the tools and the confidence to become friendlier. → Read More

How to Improve Focus and Concentration in Children

Hello, are you still with me?”. This is a question parents often find themselves asking their children.


Young minds are on the front burner of multitasking these days — from surfing the net, to texting, app games, messaging and listening to their ipods – all are grappling for their attention.


With so many potential interruptions in this exciting world we live in, trying to do anything that requires concentration often brings intense frustration, anxiety, and demoralization. Yet, helping children to develop concentration skills at an early age, with effective focus strategies can be a basis for long-term success because they cannot describe what they are experiencing and don’t know how to ask for help.


Here are some practical and useful tips to help your children get better focused – → Read More

Childproofing your House

How should you go about childproofing your house? For starters, get on your hands and knees and crawl around the house! Yes, it may sound weird, but it is crucial to check out the critical areas in the house from a child’s perspective. There are many places that may cause accidents as your kid explores his everyday environment.


To eliminate the risk of choking, drowning, falling, and getting burned or poisoned, it is very important to childproof your house with safety measures which may seem overwhelming. The bathroom, stairways, kitchen, nursery and common passages top the checklist of areas to cover as the toddler starts crawling or climbing. → Read More

Top 5 Questions Parents should Ask while Choosing a Kindergarten




Experts suggest that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five. If we don’t begin thinking about education in the early years, our children are at risk of falling behind by the time they start Kindergarten.
Robert. L. Ehrlich 


It’s not surprising to be ‘anxious’ for parents who are preparing to send their tiny-tots to their first “big school”.


How to go about picking the right kindergarten school? → Read More

Detoxifying Kids to make them ‘Media Healthy’

With the youth adopting technology and media at unfathomable rates, a large section of today’s children are connected to the internet, watch reality shows, have a presence on various social media platforms or own personal laptops, tablets, cell phones, iPods and MP3 devices.


Young children are particularly vulnerable to being influenced and are unable to demarcate reality from the make-believe. Inundated with media that is heavy on a dose of wealth and materialism, these children get the message early and presume that the way to distinguish themselves is with money, or with fame. → Read More

Let Them Go off the Hook: Bringing up Smart and Independent Kids

Sometimes as parents we tend to block the way to our child’s independence by satisfying their needs with a ready to serve platter – ready to eat, ready to wear; even ready to read or do more for your child (some of us do their homework as well).


But is this healthy?


Most of us don’t think so! But inadvertently it is often stymied by well-intentioned, but misguided parents. → Read More

Information Sharing as a ‘Form of Giving’

Sharing is not new, it’s Human Nature. We share things when it’s relevant, and enriches the lives of people around us.


In daily lives, several times you have a question but do not know who to ask. For instance, you may need trusted advice from a doctor when your child is feeling unwell or need to locate the best places around to buy stuff or eat out.  At other times you may be looking for summer classes for kids, or simply tips on staying healthy. All this becomes easy when you are connected to real people and communities around you – and to those who can help you find a good experience, and save you from a bad one. → Read More

Mom Squad: Ways to make your Fussy Eater try New, Healthy foods

“If you make me eat cabbage, I will die!” my 6-year-old daughter wailed when I mixed cabbage with peas at my lunch table. The ultimate horror! But then, she’s hardly the only child to declare mortal danger from cabbage. Others eat only white food, won’t go near nutritious veggies like spinach or beans, and even make ‘yucky faces’ on occasions of having to eat salads or curd along with their meal.


In fact, there is an increasing recognition of eating disorders within the multicultural Indian population according to a study in Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Though most fusspots among children are common, and tend to lessen with age, you probably still feel that you should do something if your child is living off Domino’s Pizzas and MacD burgers every other day. Here are some tips to tackle pickiness and encourage healthy food choices for your child – → Read More

3 Amazing DIY Crafts for 4-6 year Olds

It is no secret that craft projects not only teach children added skills, but also encourages them to think creatively.

  wow         An intriguing study reveals that ‘the most successful of all scientists, Nobel laureates, and thinkers have one unsuspecting but common secret: multiple avocations/hobbies of art and craft’ as a child.


Indeed imaginative craft activities tend to use the widest range of mental tools, and teach kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

Here are some amazing, easy DIY craft projects to suit your 5 year olds time and agenda – → Read More

Top Ways: How to Remain in Touch with Children while Travelling

 “My travel schedule kicks back into high gear this week.”


“Dad needs to leave this Saturday, without me. To work. To do good. I understand – though.”


As an involved parent, when business trips take you away from home – sometimes it is hard to respond to the sad emotions of your child, lest making them go away.


We may not understand the intensity of a child’s feelings, but can do plenty of things to support our children while being absent. With a little more thought and planning, here are few ideas you can adapt to suit your child’s age and family situation. → Read More

Kids: Quick Math Tips for Young Children

Fundamental math skills can be tricky to learn especially for children who have recently just ventured into the path of organized learning from the preschooler, to kindergarten to upper grades.


Luckily, as a parent there are many simple tips you can use in everyday interactions with your children, which can help them solve problems, communicate mathematically and to demonstrate reasoning abilities – all the skills  essential to learning mathematics. → Read More

Super Stress Busters for Kids

Help your child fight his little stress monster!


Yes, you read it right! Neither this is a typo nor are we ‘kidding’. Stress does ensue in kids as well. In our complex modern society, when the world has virtually shrunk within the pages of Facebook and other social media, children have their own reasons to worry about, not one, not two but numerous.


Though all children experience some amount of stress, adults ordinarily fail to recognize the incidence and magnitude of stress in their lives. Moreover, young children may experience stress from numerous factors such as disrupted homes, excessive screen time, being over-scheduled, physical appearance, failing an exam, judgement by peers or any other situation that threatens self-esteem.


So rather than becoming all preachy and getting into the ‘why’s and how’s; let’s get to the point. Read on to pick tips on how to relieve your kids from the stressed conditions. → Read More

How to Develop Leadership Skills in your Child

Concept of Child Leadership


As leadership becomes one of the most wanted strategic qualities across professions such as business and industry, technology, politics, medicine, and the arts’ around the world —  the role of parents, teachers and mentors becomes critical in assisting with the development of leadership attributes, qualities and skills in their children right from an early start.


Children displaying natural leadership qualities, or parents wanting their child to be a leader — must play a part in providing adequate initiatives and encouragement for their children’s behavior to move in the right direction. → Read More

How to Orient kids towards Spirituality

As societies around the world grapple with the impact of various social and moral crises, parents are looking at ways to nurture children in a way that they grow up as competent and confident individuals — who are healthy in mind, body as well as spirit.


Parents are increasingly realizing the significance of nurturing the spiritual side of their off-springs with an aim to instil in them a holistic sense of belonging — and empower them with the ability to offer a positive contribution to the society as a whole. → Read More

‘Why’ Connect with your Community and Locals

I frequently discuss about relationships as one of the most vital contributors to your health and happiness. And it’s just not about close relationships – it’s about your community, the number of social contacts you have in your every-day life (including your grocery store owner and your neighbor across the street) that are directly associated with your well-being.


You may be an introvert, happily nodding at your dog, or spending long stretches of time without interacting with anyone (even your husband); but it is in your best interest when I suggest that you need to override such tendencies and get going to what is known as being ‘socially oriented’. → Read More

How to Help Children make Friends

It can be sometimes heart wrenching to hear your child whine, “Nobody let me play!” or “They don’t like me!” As a parent, you can earnestly sympathize with your child’s sadness. Our first instinct may be to dovetail around them, but then we really can’t form friendships for our children. What we can do is be an ally in helping them understand the key elements in friendship formation. → Read More

8 Secrets on Managing Work and Children

Most working mothers would love to get their hands on the ‘magic formula’ that can balance their demanding careers with efficient supervision of kids back home. In such situations, it’s crucial to streamline and simplify much of all essential tasks in every imaginable area of life.


Given below are some easy and simple guidelines, which promise to go a long way in helping you to get things accomplished, and come out on top with a smile! → Read More

How Mom and Dad can ‘Tag-team’ to Effectively Discipline Kids

“Parents teach children discipline for two different, indeed diametrically opposed reasons: to render the child submissive to them and to make him independent of them. Only a self disciplined person can be obedient; and only such a person can be autonomous.”
― Thomas Stephen Szasz

With differential views about child discipline being order of the day, the words of Playmore ring loud and clear on how team effort of both parents can lead to effective disciplining of kids. So what do you do to tackle poor behavior, arrogance and bad show of etiquette? Top of the chart says “Tag Team”!!! → Read More

5 Immunity-Boosting recipes for your Child this Winter

Cold and Flu come uninvited, and become but inevitable friends for kids in winters. You would surely dislike playing the role of Florence Nightingale when you could be sitting near the bonfire enjoying a luscious bar-be-que spread.


So why not follow these power packed immunity boosting recipes, to help reduce their number of sick days, and to ward off germs and keep your kids fit and healthy in the cold winter months. → Read More

New Year Resolutions for Young Kids


If your conversations about your New Year’s resolution steer towards your child’s desire of making his own –  then encourage it.


Children can learn a lot about self-discipline and the value of making goals which ultimately can accomplish self-regulatory behaviors by the time they grow up to be an adult. → Read More