8 Secrets on Managing Work and Children

Most working mothers would love to get their hands on the ‘magic formula’ that can balance their demanding careers with efficient supervision of kids back home. In such situations, it’s crucial to streamline and simplify much of all essential tasks in every imaginable area of life.


Given below are some easy and simple guidelines, which promise to go a long way in helping you to get things accomplished, and come out on top with a smile!


Smooth out the knots in your mornings

All working mothers would agree that mornings can be exceptionally rough for them. It is hard enough to juggle the whole process of waking, feeding, dressing up, and packing off your child, especially if you are already running late for work. To help you wring greater control of your mornings, find time to do as much as possible the night before. Wake up a full hour earlier than your kid, set out your and your kid’s clothes in advance and plan to arrive everywhere at least half an hour early.


Entrepreneur and working moms should also juggle their restricted time in a smart way, so that precious hours are not wasted in commuting, organizing the work/home environment or getting about the routine jobs.


Staying organized

A common guilt which working mothers seem to nurture across the globe is connected with proper allocation of time between their workplace and in the company of their children. With the advent of technological inputs at home and office, it has now become easy to get and remain organized. Moms can allocate spaces and keep things in their right places, so that it is easy to fetch them when required. Having ready supplies of essentials and knowing where to find them at the right moment, eliminates chaos and helps in making the surroundings more co-ordinated and better synchronized.


Going by the Plan

Call it the boon of tech gadgets or the habit of going by the paper organizers, “Mompreneurs” are greatly aided by planning out their work schedules, appointments and important assignments beforehand. An important point to note here is the maintenance of a single calendar for work related and personal chores, to avoid overlooking or doubling up with the allocated time.


Working along with the kids

Children find an uncanny happiness in spilling water over your project report or fiddling with your keyboard just before you could click on “Save”. Make sure that your office is designed to be kid proof with child safe drawers, covers for your personal computer, cabinets with smooth edges and paperwork safely out of reach. Create a small play pen in your workspace with little toys, crayons, paper shreds and other “kiddie” objects to keep the little ones out of the way.


Breaking out of the 9-5 routine

As a working mother your day starts earlier than expected and carries on well into the night. Do break out of the traditional 9-5 routine and prioritize your appointments, reading, emailing, filing and report generations according to your free time and available hours.


Relax before changing roles

With evening comes exhaustion and increasing demands of your kids demanding your total attention. Relax, change out of your work clothes, sip on a hot cup of coffee and then stay ahead of the game as you give your 100 percent through fancy treats, exciting stories or simple cuddle sessions.


Resist from becoming the perfect Homemaker

They are two different terms altogether; so if you are a good working mom, you may not be the perfect brownie maker or the lady who dresses up kids for the school play. Resist from complicating the relationship with your children who may be very happy just having you around.


Just fix a “Mommy Day”

After managing work and children for three days at a stretch it makes good sense to take a “Mommy Day “off on Thursday. Try to schedule all work appointments and meetings on other weekdays and give priority to kids’ stuff in the middle of the week.


Working mothers can be well described as proficient jugglers who can play many roles to the fullest. The sense of accomplishment and achievement at the end of a long day of work-home balance is immense and is easy to attain by following these simple tactics.

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