6 Good Reasons to Visit your Neighborhood Park

Children need time and love. And they need ‘space’ too.


As our cities become more congested with endless suburban development, and many of the vacant lots of our youth having disappeared, do we truly appreciate its full impact on children.


In most Delhi/NCR area communities, or even across the country it is becoming rarer to find neighborhood parks that offer unstructured play opportunities for children, passive recreation for all age-groups, and are within walking distance of their homes. Here are 6 good reasons why visiting your local parks can be good for you —


Parks are Healthy Recreational Spaces  


Neighborhood parks and playgrounds are ideal hangouts and an important component of the built environment for physical recreation and activities.  One study indicates the perceived benefits of local parks that help promote physical activities among residents and are an important factor in the improvement of their general well-being. In addition, how well-used a park is can enhance the overall vigorous physical activity, including more sedentary social gathering such as picnics, or a place to meet for mother with young kids.


When kids at park use it for running, playing and climbing it keeps them healthy, fit and improve their motor skills and also help in concentrating in their studies. But wait! It’s not just healthy for them; it’s healthy for you too. When kids exert, they get tired and sleep well at Nap time (Smart Move, Mom!). As a mother you can too take advantage of any surrounding walking paths, and walk yourself towards a healthier you.



Did I say that it’s absolutely Free?


Cost of Living is on the rise and fun can be expensive. But, paying a visit to your neighborhood park is absolutely FREE! A little SPF 50, a few munchy snacks, a healthy drink and you’re good to go!


Parks are Good for the Community


Parks create a sense of community. Many of us parents can recall vividly the days we spent at these parks and got to know other kids in the neighborhood. Research also shows that relationship between neighbors’ are made stronger through the mere presence of a simple structured vegetation cover.


Ladies can spend their moments in a likeable group or in exchanging views on common issues/topics. Outdoor jogging walks and yoga classes are other ways for people to find an ideal rejuvenation of the mind-body-soul. Besides, sometimes the occasional burst of roaring laughter from ‘laughing club members’ is a head turner.



Parks as a place for Social Exchange


Visiting parks can be a ground for social exchange – also for shared joys and sorrows. A park helps in bridging communities with visitors from every social strata and age group congregating, and with informal exchange or meeting.



Parks are Good for the Environment


The potential, that parks are good for environment has been acknowledged a number of times.  You can skip the car, get your heart tick more and walk to come to the parks in your area. You save gas and carbon emissions in a green, lush, well-laid park, (and stay local). You can teach community service to kids, by spending a few minutes to clear up wrappers, or polythenes cleaning up any garbage you may find at the park. Finally, you have great lungs as you get to inhale more Oxygen! J


Parks are Good for You


This holds true when kids are in a manageable age, when they can scot around in free-play in an enclosed park, giving you an opportunity to relax and unwind. Other things I especially like is to bring in my ‘Orhan Pamuk’ novel to read, lay out on the grass or simply stretch out on a winter noon day. You can chill, unwind, relax, or just catch up with a friend in a park close to you.


So what’s your favorite thing about going to your neighborhood park?

4 comments on “6 Good Reasons to Visit your Neighborhood Park

  1. Dhirendra Krishna on said:

    SDA has lovely green area; some of it has been developed into parks. The quality and upkeep of parks depends upon the interest taken by the residents in its maintenance. Wherever parks are left to Government agencies without active role by the Residents, upkeep may not be satisfactory, although lot of public money is spent on it. It is in our interest to improve the quality of parks

    • Raj Kumar Dua on said:

      It is true that the neighborhood parks can not be maintained without the involvement of the residents who live nearby and use it often.
      I would like to share that the neighborhood parks are really big and worth enjoying and are under control of DDA and maintained by them. If we residents take interest, DDA can be approached and easily sanction the money for the improvement of the park which I have done in past.
      The internal parks of the colony are under MCD and are in pathetic conditions as MCD is a poor agency as compared to DDA and difficult to handle otherwise for such improvements which is practically experienced by us in our locality.

      • Partho Mondal on said:

        Re: “It is true that the neighborhood parks can not be maintained without the involvement of the residents who live nearby and use it often.”

        The challenge is we are so focused on getting ahead in life and running after the big goals that we tend to miss out on building meaningful relationships with our neighbors, leave alone working on developing our parks except for a few like Mr Raj Kumar Dua.

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