3 Amazing DIY Crafts for 4-6 year Olds

It is no secret that craft projects not only teach children added skills, but also encourages them to think creatively.

  wow         An intriguing study reveals that ‘the most successful of all scientists, Nobel laureates, and thinkers have one unsuspecting but common secret: multiple avocations/hobbies of art and craft’ as a child.


Indeed imaginative craft activities tend to use the widest range of mental tools, and teach kids to bring their own imaginations to life.

Here are some amazing, easy DIY craft projects to suit your 5 year olds time and agenda –

Craft One: Blow Job Painting


This fun technique brings the world of micro-organisms to life. It can be used as a bathroom door poster to shape up your child’s habit of ‘hand-washing’ in his or her daily routine.

Blow Job Painiting


What you need:

  • Plain Cartridge Sheet
  • Non-toxic pains, 3 or 4 colours
  • Straw Pieces – you can pierce the mouth side of the straw with a tiny pin to prevent your child from swallowing the paint
  • A medicine dropper (optional)
  • Sketch pens
  • Google Eyes or Bindis, or other collage material for a 3D effect

How to do it:

Use the dropper or a paint brush to drop small blobs of liquid paint onto the cartridge sheet. Now use the straws to blow into the blobs of paint, spreading them out in all directions. Leave your blow-out paint to dry. Once dry, you can decorate it by pasting google eyes, and enhance the creature’s features using sketch pens. Add smiley faces, coloured cotton pom-poms or other props to create a 3D effect. Remember don’t make it too spooky as some bacteria are actually friendly!


Craft Two: Crazy Bubble Wrap Crocodile


An immediate fav for most kids (ah! and adults), no one can resist squeezing and pooping the bubble wrap. Here’s a super adorable bubble wrap craft – the bubble-wrap crocodile.

Crazy crocs


What You Need:

  • Sheet of discarded bubble wrap, approximately 12/24 inch
  • Scotch tape
  • Bendable Aluminium Wire
  • Scissors
  • Red Cartridge Sheet
  • Paint and Brushes
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Adhesive dots
  • Styrofoam Balls

 How to Do it:

Roll your bubble wrap sheet into a tube, securing both the sides with a tape. Insert the aluminium wire and keep tucking it in as you go down through one end.  Make sure the wire doesn’t pop out from any side. Bend one end of the wrap slightly to make way for its tail. Paint your crocodile body with acrylic paint and if desired, use cotton balls to create spots over its body.

For the feet, cut out four pieces of cardboard and paint it green/dark green with acrylic paint. For the frill on top, cut it out from the red cartridge sheet and fold over the crocs body. The eyes can be create by Styrofoam of wood balls; paint it white and allow it to dry. Add finishing touches by fixing the eyes, and feet to body and drawing black circles at the center of each white ball. The amazing croc is ready.

Some other amazing stuff you can do with Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap



Craft Three: Painted Leafy Insects


A real easy, real fun craft to do, these species of Amazonian insects and centipedes work great as bookmarks or insect- room decoration :)




What you need:

  • Dried leaves
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Brushes, 2 or three sizes

 How to do it:

Pick dried leaves and place it gently over a newspaper or table. Use paints to decorate different shapes as shown, with the black eyed insect being on the stem side. All dots, vertical or horizontal lines etc. to make it interesting.

Some other amazing Paint Ideas:


Rock Monsters/ Owls with Pebbles

 rock monsters

These ingenious crafts give your child a chance to express themselves and have loads of fun while doing it.



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  1. natalie on said:

    my cuzin came home and she had made the bubble wrap she said she had so much fun making it

  2. Kristen Johnson on said:

    Me and my daughter LOVED this idea!

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